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The main intention of this project is to create a building that has several levels, to better fit the topography. The central ramp divides the building in two parts. The ramp is part of a public square of 2 meters connecting the classrooms and workshops. This space is accessible to the streets by two side stairways. The ground floor also has a rectangular open-space for exhibitions, and conference room rentals. On the opposite side there are the information point, the coffee shop, the bathrooms, the stairs and elevator which connect the first floor, which houses the library with a reading room and a wi-fi area. The steel and glass structure allows the visitor to be in a direct contact with the outer space.

THE EXTERIOR FRONT The first floor structure is composed of a double skin. A structure, done with tubular profiles of steel, that holds the second skin, which consists of irregular shaped panels with alternating glass, stainless steel and perforated steel panels. The alternation of opaque and transparency responds to the lighting needs  of the interior library sections.
This facade is a unique design allowing for maximum flexibility and interaction. The interior and exterior facades mirror each other. The ground floor and basement surfaces are fully glazed and transparent, protecting the interior from sunlight through curtains.

PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SPACES  Combined Public and private spaces characterize the neighborhood "As Pedreiras". Visitors can use the space in different ways. The presence of low-Square makes the creation of a new urban space, like with the terrace / roof of the workshops and classrooms combined with the hill. It creates a dialogue between inside and outside.

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Status: School Project
Location: Marin, Pontevedra Spain (2010)