Samora Hodges-Smikle

Samora Hodges-Smikle

New York, NY, US


Tranistional Housing For Haiti

The  basis  for this project is the need for a post crisis system of building living quarters.
Due to the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, It was brought to our attention the need for a fast initial building structure for crisis relief.  which could further transition post initial crisis to  permanency.

This project  goes further to address the transition into a larger home from an initial structure as a factors allow in these post crisis situations: new funding becoming available, time and growth of families.

The project develops in four phases growing from a single room to a possible four bedroom home.The approach to the project development was based strongly upon  the expansion of gathering spaces and  also passive systems for lighting and cooling based on location.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Haiti