Samora Hodges-Smikle

Samora Hodges-Smikle

New York, NY, US


Light House: An Out of Joint Space

    A joint out of space: Establishing a tectonic characteristic of spatial joinery. Voids charge spaces out of joint.

 Exploring wood joinery, and text , word pairings were created in order to be a generative tool for design.The wood word joint is a a construct of material and language concrete and abstract , crossed words and objects allowed for a notational vocabulary which translated into a active relationship and meaningful movement , the moments created create a meaning to a spatial moment to be balanced. The physical joinery rejoined creates a puzzle, creating a spatial moment: Narrowly Sliding , Secretly Nesting, Cornerly Overlapping

      These words are describe actions for the joint which would become disjointed to create spatial mechanisms for occupation.

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Status: School Project