Samora Hodges-Smikle

Samora Hodges-Smikle

New York, NY, US


Pratt Graduate Housing

  Within this design studio the mandated school dormitory program called for a specific number of living units along with a social function of communal spaces within the dormitory construct .This was added to standard functional exercise and structure with studying massing alternatives maximizing sunlight , communal space ,organization , formal design.

Within an unassuming site of an infill lot  in the immediate Pratt neighborhood , the restrictions of both requirements for : operation ,such as building code and ADA ,as well as zoning, created constraints with which we had to exercise imaginative methods of  maneuvering the design. To create spaces in which are suitable for students to exercise their imagination as Pratt is an school of art in which there is a deemed need for imaginative expansion. We choose to have open and expansive spaces for working and and interaction.

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Status: School Project
Location: Grand Avenue, Brooklyn. NY