John Hager

John Hager

Saint Louis, MO, US


Cong Tai Plaza

Several concepts were completed for this plaza, built on top of a parking structure
and surrounded by residential and municipal facilities in the city. This project was
built on a fast track, to be completed by an anniversary celebration for the city. The
project included three separate key water features plus a linear water feature. One
is a large rectangular area with several mist heads at grade, another is a sunken
variable spray fountain area for play and the last water feature is central fountain
feature with nozzles in dragon formations on preprogrammed sequences. Other
key design features included planters, LED screens, custom shade structures and
lighting and an adjacent street median with additional small plazas and linear water
Client: City of Handan
Location: Handan, Heibei Province China
Services: Design development
Completion Date: Spring 2010

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Status: Built
Location: Hebei Province, Peoples Republic of China