Waldo Quiros

Waldo Quiros

Cambridge, MA, US


Spaulding Hospital

Design a new rehabilitation hospital for Spaulding. This project is based on the actual program of the Spaulding Hospital designed by Perkins+Will. The program calls for a 240,000 sqft facility for both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation. The site is located in the Harbor District in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our design is based on the organization of the two main programs: inpatient and outpatient. The outpatient facilities are located in the long base while the inpatient facilities are located in the box above with the shared spaces in between the two. Key elements of the design are the great hall and the atria. The great hall connects the inpatient and outpatient circulations. To liven the professional environment of the inpatient tower, atria are utilized to create a community area wherein patients may view or interact with other patients or view people moving in the elevators.

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Status: School Project