Waldo Quiros

Waldo Quiros

Cambridge, MA, US


Lyric Tower

Design a high-rise hotel and condominium tower. The site is located on a quarter of a block in Chicago's loop on the corner of West Washington Street and North Franklin Avenue. The project assumes another high-rise will be built on the adjoining parking lot. The proposed tower requires commercial on the ground floor, five parking levels, a twenty two story hotel and the remaining floors dedicated to condominiums.

My proposal for the project focused on maximizing quality of space given the site restrictions and high-rise requirements. The "V" shaped floor plan allows for more comfortable views than a rectangular plan would allow on the small site. This "V" shape also allows for condominium units to have a shorter depth thus permitting more light penetration. When entering a condominium unit, the resident enters a double height open floor space. The space between the two legs of the "V" allows for atriums and sky gardens.

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Status: School Project