Christopher Spiewak

Christopher Spiewak

Boulder, CO, US



Christopher Spiewak is a passionate designer deeply committed to creating exceptional architecture that profoundly enhances the human experience. With over 20years in architecture, design and construction, Chris exemplifies a reverence for design that holds every detail in the highest regard. He's an inspired entrepreneur, business educated with an extensive breadth of leadership, technology, marketing and design talent. An uncompromising individual who continually strives to create work of substance, that is timeless, lasting, and beautiful.


Spiewak Consulting, Boulder, CO, US, CEO / Designer

Spiewak Consulting offers a diverse mix of architecture, design, technology, construction and realestate services for architects, builders, realtors, developers and owners.

Jan 1999 - current


Northeastern University, Boston, MA, US, Business, Finance & Management

Jan 1997 - Jul 1999

Boston Architectural College (BAC), Boston, MA, US, Architecture & Planning

Jan 1993 - Jun 1996


The Christopher Spiewak Design Award, 1st Place

Note this isn't a real award... I'm just up late editing my page on Archinect and decided to use this space as a place to express what I feel is award worthy about design. So if there were a "Christopher Spiewak Design Award" I would grant it to any Architect or Designer that cares as much about the design process, the minutiae, the invisible unsung details in their work as they do about the final experience manifest in the more tangible or praiseworthy results. Too often design is measured by how good it "looks" on a magazine cover rather than on its true substance (if any).Yet to me, the greatest Architecture isn't necessarily beautiful, it is work that has been thoughtfully considered, deeply explored, intentionally shaped into a unique human experience that, whatever its final expression, is not accidental.


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