John Decker

John Decker

Boulder, CO, US



I am an architect and urban designer who has also been a lifelong artist. My art has always been based on observation and analytical thought and has always informed my designing. I am firmly committed to collaborative action and the use of design to continuously optimize our place in the ecological reality we must exist in. 



University of Colorado at Denver, MArch, Architecture

3 years of studio instruction including a summer in Italy in an architecture / urban design / history seminar hosted by the Polytecnico di Milano. Studies culminated in a comprehensive architectural thesis. Focus on technical issues of construction (two full years of engineering topics) and architecture in urban design with an emphasis on analysis, context and environmental performance.

Aug 1984 - Jun 1987

University of Colorado at Boulder, Self-structured, Continuing Education

One year of instruction in film production, screen writing, and 16 mm cinematography, paralelled with two semesters of 400 level (senior) architectural studios. These studies were undertaken to explore my interest in the relationship between architecture, light, space, and its capture in the moving image, in essence, the calculus of spatial experience..

Jan 1983 - Jun 1984

Colorado State University, Bachelors, Horticulture / Landscape Design

Horticulture based program in landscape design. Program included a year of almost Bauhaus-styled foundation design taught in the Fine Arts School, proceeding from 2D design through 3D design and graphic design / typography. Also included technical focus on issues of land planning and site engineering.

Aug 1973 - Jun 1975

Miami University, Cell Biology / Botany

Hard science study of cell mechanics, physiology, and chemistry with parallel focus on plant structures and taxonomy. In elective art and culture classes I determined that I was better suited to design and I was extremely influenced in this by Ian McHarg's seminal work "Design with Nature", thus I changed my path of study.

Aug 1971 - Jun 1973

Areas of Specialization