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Pleasure to grow a broader network here on Archinect, as its proven a great resource.

ABOUT: When expanding his services with deeper impactful sectors, Darren "Dare" Sumner already had architecture and design as his foundation. Darren's previous experience in organizational development, land planning, development, architecture, and real estate since 1993, yet you will soon understand my first-hand experience in investment strategies and participation in hundreds of acquisition deals.

Designed all types of projects globally: luxury bespoke residential, mixed-use to corporate office to hospitals, clinics, healthcare offices - to high-rise towers to island and city planning. One of my specialties is Planning and Development, but working on overseas work expanded greatly my exposure to articulating themes shown in vernacular styles, or to create some cinematic drama in design. These were all accomplished in built our projects.

ENTERTAINMENT: This lead to blending architecture and entertainment in 2011, while my own company contracts for Movie Studios, starting in New Orleans, LA.  First was $100m film studio and then in Miami, before David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF Soccer Club acquired the land for a new stadium. Next, my principal designers and several advisors, were also pushing for a future NetZero Production Campus on 300+ acres. We arranged the investment of $538M during 2020, with a "Bottom-Up" budget with 5-year proformas. During 2019, Darren had stepped in to be Executive Producer role with a UK project with famous production teams. Then COVID-pandemic hit to pause such things for now.

NEW CITY: Back in 2016-17, an exciting new city had been in planning stages that I started with a client, which was pending assemblage of a legal foundation and allocated funding. Land-use of 150 Square Miles (9600 Acres / 38,849 HA) in Florida, with studies of rising sea levels and working with SKANSKA. So we understand mush more of this approach happening with TELOSA City with Marc Lore.

INVEST + ACQUIRE: After getting remarried, Dare moved from Florida to California in 2018 and setup several branded businesses in California, Utah and Oregon. From 2019-22, was portfolio manager for sovereign buyer on assets for Corporations, Media Networks, Real Estate, Aviation, Maritime and Royal Collections. This lead to tracking global Historical Assets and assisting others with strategy and investment research to ensure deals close with no issues later. Being an asset for being a valuable member on most unique and private transactions. Dare has been a valuable team member as shown on experience above and doing what is ultimately best for our planet.

NON-PROFIT: After co-founded and operating a Non-profit Architecture for Humanity New Orleans (AFH-NOLA) since 2010, and part of another one in 1997. We came back in this sector with Reinvention Global 1, a religious Non-Profit with effective altruism as its ethos. And in 2022, Darren was an expert advisor on non-profit corporations to clients. Resulting in 12 non-profits were created and registered agent law firm and, plus the banking was established to ensure successful launches. Darren could also do the same for anyone reading this. Send an mail to request info to begin your own non-profit that is highly unique.

NEXT STEPS: Open-minded and dedicated ready to talk with your group. We can discuss project package review projects for funding or completion of existing projects, Dare can bring array of ability to help companies I would hope. 

Let's connect and brainstorm.
~ Darren "Dare" Sumner

310-494-6341 or [email protected]  

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Reinvention Trust, Salt Lake City, UT, Trustee

Company divisions created per year and location:

Reinvention Media Ltd. - 2012 (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Reinventure Ltd. Corp. - 2016 (Coral Gables, Florida) X
Reinvention United Co. - 2017 (Miami Beach, Florida) X
Reinvention Studio Inc. - 2019 (Utah & California)
Reinvention Trust - 2020 (California)

2019 - Worked with Australian fund manager and partner for clients to acquire 4-5 star Hotels across various countries. Continued to develop portfolios to buyers. Part of Private Equity as COO during 2019.
2020 - Began working as head of acquisitions for foreign buyers...handling portfolios, preparing LOIs, and handling negotiations.
2021 - Arbitrage and Asset Management roles
2022 - Asset Management and intake compliance for government buyers

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Sep 2020 - current


University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US, Architecture

Environmental Design, Architecture, Planning and Real Estate were my courses and schools. I worked 30+ hours per week in sales, real estate and architecture. I considered Law and business school too.
Today, I am focused on running a development-based investment company and daily international negotiations with various countries.

Aug 1991 - Dec 1995


Cabrini Green Public Housing, Honorable Mention

Our team was 4th Place worldwide while still in college at University of Kentucky. Renderings and artwork featured in Architect Magazine and Progressive Architecture Magazine in September 1993.


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