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Camille Rabany

Phoenix, AZ, US

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In France, China, and the U.S., I have been blessed with a plethora of adventures which have enabled me to experience a variety of cultures. I have often found myself in places where I had to assimilate, reject or conform to cultural ideals, morals, or mores.

Influenced by three powerful cultures, I have absorbed the best of each. French values have gifted me with the ability to seek refinement, value art and enjoy the beauty of life. I celebrate American culture which values the future, striving for the impossible, and becoming extraordinary. I understand the fundamental equation of America: that quality work generates self esteem and respect.
My four years in Chengdu and Shanghai, taught me the value of open mindedness, social modesty, and honor. I now look at my experiences as a foundation incorporating culture, personal and academic skills, and learning to think creatively with inspiration and enlightenment. Developing my imagination and taking risks has become my way of life. This remarkable amalgamation of experiences has allowed me to develop a unique point of view and tackle problems with a different set of tools and perspectives.

Tools that I actively use to advance in life and that have served me well in the architecture field. Dedicated, ambitious, and passionate, I am among 6% of my original starting class of 120 students of 2012 to graduate and get licensed. My French architecture license gives me permission to practice in all of Europe. This intense training has allowed me to acquire the necessary skills for architectural projects. I have experience in programming and analysis, conception and competition, project planning and design, project development and documentation, site management and architectural follow through in diverse projects, ranging from residential to commercial.

I am actively searching for an architecture job in New York and determined to start on the path toward architectural licensure in the United States.


Sequences Architectes, Toulouse, France, Junior Architect

The choice of Séquences for my first professional situation was strategic, but also passionate. Efficient, organized, and competent, the company had a turnover of over 2,500,000 euros in 2016. It is a large structure and can support projects at different scales.
Above all, beyond statistics, the agency holds my respect for the architectural quality of these achievements. Among their projects: the media library of José Cabanis and the Departmental Archives of the Rhône.

I participated in twelve different projects during the year at Séquences. My role in the agency varied from project to project. Indeed I integrated several design competitions, each time in a different role: research, conception, and administration. I participated in several projects that allowed me in-depth understanding of schematic design, feasibility, design development, construction documents, permit acquisition, bidding, and construction administration in various fields such as factories, hospitals, residential buildings, archives, schools, multifamily developments, community buildings, facilities, and municipal buildings.

I engaged in three construction sites throughout the year. I was involved in the Turbomeca factory site for nine months. My responsibilities ranged from choosing and presenting materials, designing public spaces, configuring interior spaces, participating in on-site meetings, and communicating and negotiating directly with the general contractor and project representatives.

I was in charge of the site reports of the Argoulets housing project for four months. In which I was able to participate in site planning, foundations, safety interventions, water and electricity networks, and organizing an on-site political event. On the building site of the Cartoucherie housing, I was autonomous in my responsibility for Pre-Reception Operation (OPR). Among other things, I had to make sales plans and construction signs for two other housing projects in Balma.

Sep 2017 - Sep 2018

Kardham, Toulouse, France, Architecture Internship

Integrated design competition sector. Participated in four design contests as well as multiple construction sites and project delivery.

Jul 2016 - Sep 2016

AERA, Toulouse, France, Architecture Internship

Non-profit agency. Community housing projects. Design coordination between contractors, architects, developers, and future residents. Event management.

Aug 2015 - Sep 2015


Sep 2012 - Mar 2019

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