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Anurag Gautam

London, GB



My name is Anurag Gautam and I am an experienced Architectural Designer with extensive UK Construction and on-site experience in Residential, Commercial and Sports Stadia Architecture. I believe the variety of my experience makes me the suitable candidate for this role where I will be expected to develop multiple projects on various RIBA work stages in either a team or independently, which I have a proven track record of executing from Project inception to Completion.

I am looking for a change currently and it has always been my dream to work in America one day.

I am self-motivated, highly disciplined towards all given tasks of the Project alone and within a team. I bring an experienced insight into this approach to Architecture and having a track record of successful delivery at both the design and production stages with extensive Detail design development experience, while also in a Job Running position with Contract administration experience where I coordinated the work between both the sub-consultants and with the client for the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Saudi Arabia.

I will be available from the 23rd of August at the latest. Please find my attached my CV and the hyperlink locations of my portfolio works of the different design sectors of my experience ranging from Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure and Stadium Designs:



2011-2013 - COMMERCIAL

Please feel free to contact myself for the specified role and for any queries you may require and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.


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Anurag Gautam


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AECOM, London, Aecosim 3D Modeller


- Co-ordinating the Grip 4 Retail BOH Loading Bay for Service Vehicles to serve the Proposed Retail Units,
- Liasing with manufacturers for fabrication and suitability for possible deisgn selection for Enclosure Buildup,
- Specification co-ordination and Strategy for Retail and Operations Phase Unification,
- Creating the Technical Report for Operations Phase Materials Palette,
- Operations Materials Palette Co-ordination for client sign off,
- Developing conceptual works for the Grip 4 FOH New Ceilings within the Retail Mall Area.,
- Carrying out site survey to identify the visual risks / requirements for further investigation of the Dual Use Service Corridor,
- Writing the Advanced BOH Study Report for Client and sub-contractors Approval,
- Co-ordinating the BOH Service Corridor with design disciplines including: Fire Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engi-neering,
- Developing Risk Mitigaition Strategies for the potential Risks / MEP clashes,
- Recommendation for the suitable strategy to minimise potential construction costs prior to fabrication,

Jan 2017 - current

Populous, London, GB, Architectural Designer

KASC STADIUM - Jeddah Remediation Works - SAUDI ARABIA February 2016 - September 2016

- Remediation Design Development and Contract/Fees Administration for the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Saudi Arabia. Re-solving key environmental defects induced by the existing Stadium design, which include the lack of growth for the Pitch grass, overheating of the Players / Spectators, thus diminishing the games experience inside a stadium. Ventilation and design solutions were required to resolve these environmantally caused defects while also developing interior fitout packages for the Royal box for the new king of Saudi Arabia due to head height restrictions in the existing Royal Box Suite,
- Design co-ordination for the new Pitch Nursery with Pitch turn specialists while including the addition of a new ETFE Roof Solution, which would facilitate the grass grown by introducing more natural lught onto the pitch,
- Developing the Seating Tier Covers (Solar Shield) to allow the temperature of the existing tier concrete to drop, thus facilitating in the Spectator comfort from overheating. Developing and Co-ordinating the design system for the deployment and asembly of the covers and associated storage with suppliers for construction,
- Developing the New lighting design for the Proposed ETFE roof sections to create a lighting display with colour changing LED lights,
- Co-ordinating the detail design development for the New ETFE roof connections, which the structural engineers were contractually comissioned to deliver.
- Co-ordinating the Ventilation aspect of the contract and developing with the mechanical engineers and the environmental engineers a series of Ventilation systems for the Seating tiers to use re-circulated air within the seating bowl,
- Administering the Project Program and the Contract to deliver the Design elements, which include: Royal Box Interior Fitout, Main Stadium Roof ETFE cladding design development, Main roof cleaning strategy, Seating Tier Covers to provide Spectator Comfort, Pitch Ventilation to provide player comfort, Lightin design development and co-ordination, Concourse Ventilation design development.

OLYMPIC STADIUM TRANSFORMATION - Rugby World Cup/West Ham Football - London April 2013 - August 2015

- Stage D+ > Post-Planning > Pre-Construction
- New External Cladding Enclosure design and co-ordination for Public Realm retail units and the New Entrance to the West Stand Hospitality Building Extension,
- Designing the External Wall System design for new West Stand Accommodation Building using a Modular system while incorporating the manufacturers details.
- New Ticket Office Building Design and co-ordination with remaining new external cladding for the Existing Stadium,
- Games Announcement Booth facing the Community Track Re-Planning and detail design development.
- Planning Submission for Stage D+ with new External Facade development and new Halo and Service Pods Option surrounding the Stadium Perimeter,
- Large Scale Elevations Development from the 4 sides of the Stadium, which utilised 3D Schematic Models in Microstation,
- Stage E development of the retractable Tier design, including SPS Detailing of the Seating Tiers and Wheelchair Platform Design development at the top of the tiers facing the pitch,
- New Stadium Roof Design Development following a value engineered solution to cut down Construction cost induced by geometric and constructional complexity,
- Photo Finish Booth design development including construction solution to incorporate the diamond profile Main Roof Structural Ge-ometry,
- Main Roof Polycarbonate Cladding development, including construction detail development for connection joints within the roof and to the main stadium compression truss.
- Liasing with Structural Engineers to assess the Main roof construction details and sequence of erection and assembly on site,
- Developing physical scale model for the Main roof details for client and consultant meetings,
- Developing the 3D model for co-ordination of the Roof Prototype prior to construction of Main Roof on Site,
- West Stand Hospitality building IFC Development to include interior fit-out packages along with external facade design from stage D+ to construction on site,
- 1.5 years spent on-site for development of the construction packages while liasing with the design team of 20 + External design consultant co-ordination,
- Liasing in the design team meetings to assess the program development and how the packages require to be delivered to prevent any delays in the construction program,
- Initiating Design Change Requests to allow optimised schemes to be executed during the construction works, which required complete co-ordination between the internal and external design teams while maintaining the delivery of all related construction packages on time according to the Construction Program,
- Construction Package development includes :
- Drylining: 4 levels of the stadium, including public realm to hospitality, which includes an entire new storey on level 4,
- External Facade: Glazing and Aluminium Louvre and Panels development for the Main entrance to the West Stand Hospitality Building, - Internal glazing: Developing Glazing scheme for the internal spaces to separate the hospitality Spaces from the circulation Spaces,
- Incorporating the new glazing onto the existing internal parapet, and further developing the parapet details to modernise the entire composition, hence enhancing the existing condition from the original stadium,
- External Soffit: Aluminium Soffit development outside the Podium Concourse level and at high level above the new Extension storey oin level 4. Co-ordination with lighting designers and M & E Engineers to incorporate the service elements to facilitate the Fire Protection Strategy,
- Internal Ceilings: Developing new internal Ceilings while removing many ceilings as a result of new layouts and associated construction elements including drylining and lighting designs,
- Room Data Sheets: Development for the entire stadium while maintaining the existing features to allow the finalised finished to be applied and verified on site prior to opening of the games,
- Finishes Schedule: Finished schedule development includes Floor, Walls, Ceilings, Sanitaryware, Special Fittings/Fixings.
- Record Set Documentations for Contract Closeout and final verification of design delivery,

Apr 2013 - Sep 2016


SouthBank University, London, England., London, GB, MArch, PG Dip Architecture

Architecture Diploma in London School of Engineering and the built environment

Jan 2011 - Aug 2011


RIBA Silver Medal Nominee (2011), Nomination

Award for Innovation in Architectural thought driven by an alternate viewpoint on sustainability


Areas of Specialization