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México Distrito Federal, MX


Villalba House

“La Hacienda”

Villalba project was born from the idea of making a construction deeply related to the pro-gression of time. It is a country side house that will “grow old”, melding to the landscape. Through exploring  the  concept of the  “Hacienda Mexicana”  various elements were intended to be used as a detonators for quality space factors: intimate, unexpected, and enigmatic zones were considered.

The access is an empty/closed  space where the views are intended to be discovered.  At the same time it is also  the “main patio” of the house: two walls opposite of each other are prepared  with a native seed  compositional  mix  terracotta  adobe blocks. The seeds will  grow and the  vegetation will transform the  strong rectilinear shape of the walls by gradually changing the area into a vertical garden. We are recreating the idea of “ruin” that embellish the Haciendas of the XVII century at the center plateau of México.

The “U” circulation shape allows for communication between the private areas and the public ones by surrounding the main patio.

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Status: Built
Location: Jilotepec, MX
Firm Role: Architect Designer
Additional Credits: Credits:
Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
Project Manager and Construction:
María Jaime Velasco y Fernando Mur
Area: 800m² / 8,600sq. ft.
Location: Jilotepec State of Mexico

Villalba House