Preliminary Research Office

Preliminary Research Office

Los Angeles, CA


Sky bridge by Preliminary Research Office

Preliminary Research Office has been commissioned by a leading Chinese commercial drone company to propose a pedestrian bridge between two, 210 meter towers which comprise their future headquarters in Shenzhen. 

The body of the bridge is generated by the intersection of a set of conic volumes positioned relatively along their common axis, which is itself directed between the cores of the two towers. At two points along this axis, perpendicular cones are introduced and split by the same primitive cones that generated the volume of the bridge. These perpendicular cones extend beyond the body of the bridge to create large platforms from which drones can be flown and observed, and which serve as meeting areas with expansive views of the surrounding city. The platforms' vertical extension beyond the main body of the bridge allows people to experience the view from various vantage points. Adjacent to each platform, the bridge "plugs in" to two enclosed structures that allow for additional circulation back to the towers. The two structures allow both vertical and horizontal circulation, and are attached to the exterior of the towers.

The length of the bridge is split into two levels, meeting the first tower at the 28th floor and the second tower between floors 28th and 29th, with a staircase connecting both floors to the body of the bridge. The two levels within the bridge are connected by a large ramp that spans the two viewing platforms. Views into each partially-enclosed platform are generated by the level shift, and visible when traversing the ramp.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Shenzhen, China
Additional Credits: Preliminary Research Office, Yaohua Wang, Dingliang Yang, Chloe Natanél Brunner,
Young Sun, Michelle Adriana Recio, Ding Feng, Luisana Hernandez, Kangyi Zheng