Preliminary Research Office

Preliminary Research Office

Los Angeles, CA



The folly of Pipe-line is composed by four identical units, which are geometrically developed from folded surfaces. The primal folded surfaces are subdivided into zigzagged strips guiding a systematic assembling of off-the-shelf PVC pipes and socket joints. The so-formed roof of PVC pipes is supported by a structure of plywood cutouts which is portable with wheels. Therefore, the composition of the four units can be arranged in diverse combination schemes to perform different functions, gathering people as a refreshing place for resting, meditating or socializing. Using socket joints is not only a adaptable and economical solution for complex assembling system but also a strategy to shape the edge of the modules, allowing them to be combined in multiple ways while giving a touchable sense. Having vivid spatial effect and functional flexibility, the folly of Pipe-line is designed to be a new popular spot in Socrates Sculpture Park.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, US
Additional Credits: Team: Yaohua Wang, Shouquan Sun, Tianci Han, Dingliang Yang, Yuchen Xiang