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Dalian House

Dalian House, located in Dongshan Resort of Dalian City, is designed as a private house. Through form and space,  this house tries to tell a story of three figures -two interiors and one exterior. The first interior figure is a double-story tall structure which includes a ground floor living room and a second floor bedroom. The other interior figure is designed as a tea room. Between the two interiors, there is a transitional area which contains the foyer and the staircase that connects the two floors.  

The exterior figure serves as an enveloping shell that endows the building with form, which is equally sculpted with external force as well as internal tectonic interventions. The shell defines the house as an independent object while holding together individual parts, which are at the brink of disintegration. This in-between stage of whole and disassembly creates highly charged formal tension for the exterior, and dynamic spaces for the interiors.  

The building is mainly composed of steel structural modules which correspond to the poche formed among the three figures. These modules are assembled and sat on a foundation which lifts the building off the ground. The enveloping shell is made of prefab fiber reinforced concrete panels.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Dalian, China
Additional Credits: Yaohua Wang, Dingliang Yang, Shouquan Sun, Tianci Han, Yitao Wang