Nima Abili

Nima Abili

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Porous Pavilion

The Porous Pavilion is a cube shape structure, covered by 825 folded plates on the exterior and larger scale modules on the interior of the structure, which make the pavilion a “Breathing Organism” to express the harmony between the reptile skin scales and technology.

The pavilion uses folding strategy in order to create a sense of transformation in a non-hierarchical context to take advantage of natural ventilation. The design is based on sun angle and wind direction at different times of year. The plates collect rainwater to run on its exterior surface to keep temperatures cool.

As a construct this system allows for a number of variables to change as it needs to adapt for local stresses and openness.

This pavilion was designed to be open-air, meaning that in essence the construction is open and rain would essentially fall through it. In respect to cladding this building, things are pretty simple in terms of insulation and waterproofing.

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Status: School Project
Location: Twenty nine Palms, CA
My Role: Designer