Nima Abili

Nima Abili

P.O. Box #603 Santa Monica, CA 90406


Advertising Agency

An existing parking lot on Santa Monica blvd. in the city of Santa Monica is the site for this 75,000-sqft-office building and street level retail.

It's a building where you can witness the movement from the street, like being allowed to enter the backstage of a theatre. The passers by will be able to communicate within the city. Communication is a sequence of events in time. It's physical motion or registration implies a primary linear structure: A BAND.

The band is folded in loops that envelope the main spaces in the building. Becoming a screen or diffuser to show the activities. The folded loops organize the spaces in the building, jointly with the public space in a very clean division between louvers and windows.

The organization aims particularly at support individual and collaborative work at the same place. It promotes teaming collaboration, informal exchanges and impromptu interactions especially informal networks that are key to the performance of an organization.

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Status: School Project
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US
My Role: Designer