Nima Abili

Nima Abili

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Energy Farm

The site for this project is a highly tropical climate of Trat Province in southern coast of Thailand.

While emphasis of the design inquiry has been primarily on recognizing network of systems and clearly defines operative logic for the design strategy. Ultimately, what we hope to achieve in addition to performative nature of architecture and its landscape is physical and material manifestation, and spatial experience.

The structure is based on a flexible diagrid, which integrates a recent wind catcher technology in order to take advantage of the high velocity wind of the site. Using the diagrid enables the structure to embed the high-density fiber stripes that produce energy from oscillating. There are two critical parameters in the energy production of the system; the tension on the stripes and the wind velocity.

In addition this project also continues to reiterate intimate relationships between design and research, and between performative qualities and aesthetic aspiration in design.

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Status: School Project
Location: Trat Province, Thailand
My Role: Designer