Nicole Mater

Nicole Mater

Kansas City, MO, US

Sebastian Medina
Sebastian Medina
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Transient Urban Platforms

Misuse the Street, Redefine the Pool

Transient Urban Platforms become the hub of a network of social activity, utilizing the streets of New York as fair ground for urban play. Treated as a vessel for activity, the dumpster is a program generator which is disseminated throughout the city. The envelope acts as both an incomplete wall, when attached to the parent building and home of the units, and as a public platform that adapts to fit multiple programs, grafting onto a standard dumpster. This results in an architectural solution characterized by incompleteness, constantly altering in scale as units are dispatched and returned. 

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US and New York, New York
Additional Credits: Nicole Mater, Jasmine Ho, Sebastian Medina