Nicole Mater

Nicole Mater

Kansas City, MO, US


Integrated Memorial

SUPERIMPOSED PROCESSION is an intervention to establish an intertwining network of processional elements: Industry, Community, and Memorial. 

Procession requires an intervention that supports a time-conscious network of community events. New developments throughout “Greenwood Heights” will serve as nodes of industry, community gathering, and ceremony. Intertwining pathways define processional routes for these three types of activity,  their intersections manifesting as architectural spaces that serve both sacred and secular program through temporal alternation. As soft infrastructure, these pathways will work to dissolve existing boundaries  in favor of a porous solution, allowing greater connectivity between the existing cemetery and the redeveloped area. The coexistence of sacred and secular elements throughout the site will be a model for rethinking traditional notions of sacred boundaries and to honor the dead in harmony with an active living city. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
Additional Credits: Nicole Mater, Jiteng Yang, Joung taek Yi, and Ao Liu

Critics: Karla Rothstein, Aya Maceda, David Zhai