Natalie Goldfinger

Natalie Goldfinger

Los Angeles, CA, US



SkyFarm is a facility that facilitates a new mode of farming for the community of Mumbai. By farming sun, water, and agriculture, the public gains access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, which are not present in the neighbouring slums. Currently India is facing an agricultural crisis and they are trying to get a foothold in the global market. The building enables the growth of crops that are relevant to Mumbai’s imports and exports on the global scale, and are sold in the market located on the lower floors of the skyscraper. The building empties into a trading area for the community of Mumbai.
Mumbai does not have freshwater distribution to the public, thus alternate water sources, like rainwater harvesting and desalination, are becoming necessary. This building uses a desalination system, allowing the possibility to use water from the river adjacent to the site. The system of heating and cooling tubes, needed for the desalination system, also act as structural branches, and allow water to be distributed throughout the entire building.
The skin is designed to allow plenty of sunlight into the building, absorbs energy from the sun, and creates a shaded area for the community to trade.This project hopes to increase Mumbai’s agricultural production and allow for a better quality of life for the community.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mumbai, India
My Role: Individual Project