Natalie Goldfinger

Natalie Goldfinger

Los Angeles, CA, US


Architectural Design: Living in Density

The fifteen living units, ranging in small, medium, and large, are arranged in a repeating, interlocking pattern, creating a very dense living environment composed of private and shared spaces. The housing block is situated to be minimally invasive to the its hillside location; following the top edge condition and pulling the back road overtop the units for resident parking. Due to the density created, the walls behave as boundaries that react and negotiate programmatic conditions, privacy, and environmental constraints. There are moments of visual connection and transparency between units. Each unit has a personal garden space, and views to beyond.
The skin system is a dynamic surface, incorporating a pattern of PV film, sandblast, and sandwiched metal inlay that creates privacy, views, and shading. Light wells, overhangs, and reflective surfaces manipulate sunlight for optimal use and control. Roof planes entertain a succession of three surfaces, including paved, moss, and intensive growing. A seed library and plant storage area is situated underneath the housing block, pulling the public through the housing unit and into the community garden.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: School Project