Natalie Goldfinger

Natalie Goldfinger

Los Angeles, CA, US


Architectural Design: Contemplative Leadership Institute

Nature lives according to processes. We live in a mutually exclusive relationship with nature. This architecture aims at enhancing nature’s beauty, to engage a sense of wonder when we experience it. Our connection to nature enhances our creativity and well-being.
By examining the processes on the site, and having the architecture react to those processes, the architecture behaves with nature in a mutualistic symbiosis. The architecture is not nature, but is working symbiotically with nature.
The organization of the project encourages
contemplation. The path acts as a navigation system so the participant can focus on being and moving around through intuition. The architecture creates a calm and tranquil atmosphere, to quiet the noises of the unsettled mind.
This project uses planes as a medium to clearly demonstrate a reaction to the landscape. The architecture is a distributed system that is coherent by virtue of the experience. The organization of the planes enforces a continuity of space and a connectivity throughout the site. The space is free to move in all directions at once.

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Status: School Project
Location: Louisville, KY, US
My Role: School Project