Loc (Nathan) Nguyen

Loc (Nathan) Nguyen

San Francisco, CA, US


The Rolling City

The rolling city aims to solve the City of Oakland's housing problems, economic problems, and connectivity problems caused by an 80 feet wide I-880 freeway. For decades, this highway has divided the city into two distinctive halves with distinctive cultural identity, ethnicity, and income. It also results in a missed opportunity to link the city's entire Eastern financial district to the beautify Western waterfront district. For that reason, this project arrives to blur this fine line to reconnect and to activate the potential benefits the city has been missing.

The project is a collective unification of five residential and commercial skyscrapers that provide stations for a mixed type of public transportation such as BART, Ferry, and Buses. The gold is to provide easy access throughout the city by adding and evenly distributing the station entry points at each tower. The towers' upper portions are clusters of either residential units or commercial office unites to provide each of them a unique functional identity, while the base portions adjoints the curvilinear infrastructure to serves as secondary circulation between the towers, functioning as retail units, open spaces, and public parks.

Structurally, the whole system is supported by the precast concrete vertical and horizontal system columns. The columns are hollowed at the center to feature traditional and horizontal elevators, serving as the primary circulation for rapid and direct access across the project's elongated expansion.

Although the rolling city is perceivable as five independent skyscrapers, its formal and spatial continuity express otherwise. The project formally lifted the highway infrastructure to activate the space underneath and unclog the City's East and separated Western communities.

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Status: School Project
Location: Oakland, CA, US