Loc (Nathan) Nguyen

Loc (Nathan) Nguyen

San Francisco, CA, US


Nansha, Guangzhou's Project 3R's

Nansha’s project 3R’s is actively intended to protect the site form the temptation of gentrification and the possible damage of climate change by redefining its agricultural land, refurbishing its canal condition while preparing it with the ability to resile from the potential threat of sea-level rise.

Nansha, Guangzhou is an artificial filed island with rich history in water agriculture, fishing agriculture, and an international scale port developed along its Eastern edge. In conjunction with increased precipitation yearly, Nansha's flat laying condition makes it extremely vulnerable to seasonal flood and saltwater intrusion. In recent years, the region experiences shortness in regional produce due to giving up agriculture land to industrial and gentrification expansion.

Inspired by a rainwater harvesting mechanism, flood-protected barrier, and the local traditional boat houses, the project proposes a series of elongated architecture that takes on the form of an occupiable wall with massive rainwater collecting roof. These buildings come in pairs and place perpendicular to the North and South axis of the island on both pre-existing canals and newly developed canals system.

Each wall (building) functions as a closed ecosystem where water is collected from the roof, and distributed to the residential cluster, seaweed production and vertical farming below.

The space between two walls (buildings) is a single direction water flow canal that serves as the primary transportation and prevents dirty port water from contaminating the land. Between each pair are constructed wetlands and are designated for seaweed and fish farming. Wetland will be responsible for treating and filtering contaminated water from farming production and everyday uses.

Local wetland palm leaves are selected as the building material to respect the site's history as agriculture land, and to create a light and airy spatial quality that provides comfortability in sub-tropical climate living condition.

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Status: School Project
Location: Nansha, CN