Loc (Nathan) Nguyen

Loc (Nathan) Nguyen

San Francisco, CA, US


SRCC_Community Pop-Up

Pop-up volumes move beyond the conventional concept of a pop-up store to form a community center that brings people together, reconnect with the water, protects, and serve the community during the extreme weather conditions of the future.

At 55.4% White, 30.1% Hispanic or Latino, 6.6% Asian, and more than 7% of other races, San Rafael is a community where diverse cultures come to celebrate. The site's location is adjacent to the San Rafael Creek. However, access to the waterside is significantly limited. With little to no waterside accessibility, street activities have missed the opportunity to engage with the water activities fully. The rise of the sea level also denotes the site as one of the most vulnerable areas in the Bay, threatening its canal condition and putting its future in jeopardy.

In response to the diversity, vibrant culture, the need to engage with the water, and the vulnerability to the climate crisis, Pop-up Volumes is a juxtaposition of extruded volumes that are risen by concrete piles to create direct access from the street front to the back canal. Each volume assigns to a unique program, yet united by a flexible space that serves as primary circulation and rentable pop-up space.

To further express the conceptual celebration of diversity and inclusion, each volume is either skinned with a wood screen/metal screen, or clad with metal panels in relationship with their primary function, but unified by color and the direction of cladding and screening patterns. For example, the wood's warm texture is assigned to the learning volume (library), while the metal's metallic and robust surface is applied to circulation volumes. However, the volumes promote a certain degree of similarity from the material pattern and coating color.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Rafael, CA, US