Arnaldur Schram

Arnaldur Schram

Reykjavík, IS



VIP Room NYC is one of three venues renovated for the same client, located within an old industrial meatpacking building in Manhattan.  The three venues had different renovation request, and VIP Room was to be a complete cut renovation of an existing Kiss and Fly nightclub.  VIP Room is a high end European night club brand with locations in Paris, Cannes, Dubai, etc., and New York is its first location in the US.

The clients request was to move away from the traditional night club setup, where the DJ booth is the center piece, and rather to create an open arena of party spectacle, an amphitheater of seeing-and-being-seen within a highly controllable digital environment. The overall spatial and environmental experience has become more important than the fame of the DJ playing that particular night.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Project Manager, Project Architect