Arnaldur Schram

Arnaldur Schram

Reykjavík, IS


Center of Aurora Borealis Phenomenon

Center of Aurora Borealis Phenomenon is an experience based edu-taiment tourist center, located on the south western tip of Iceland, close by Keflavik International Airport. The building contains a restaurant, gift shop, exhibition hall and a sunken exhibition dome in the cellar. The building is an open floor plan for flexible programming and events, but also to expose the cave-like ceiling topography. Location criteria is driven by low light pollution from urbanized areas, making dark winter sky ideal for Aurora Borealis viewing, but also, despite its remoteness, the site is quickly accessible from the international airport, attracting short term layover tourists. The building is placed into an edge of a 12th century lava field, making it concealed from the visitor as he approaches along a path that sinks into the lava field. The building materiality and form mimic the carved out surrounding lava edge.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Iceland
My Role: Project Manager, Project Architect