Murdock Solon Architects

Murdock Solon Architects

New York, NY


Montauk Beach House

Perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound, the property is a flag lot at the edge of a new subdivision, bordered on three sides by water, wetlands, and woods. The client asked for a design with a minimal impact on the pristine landscape, maximum exposure to the views and all the amenities of a year round vacation home.

The basic requirement of each space was considered integrally with the effects of sunlight, breezes and views. The house was conceived as a lens, continually framing and magnifying the subtle changes in the surrounding environment.

The L-shaped plan is divided into public and private wings. Two indoor/outdoor zones on two levels define the public areas. The upstairs zone includes the kitchen, dining area, living area and a deck. The downstairs public zone includes the family room, outdoor living room, pool and sun bathing deck. The two-story bedroom wing has four modest bedrooms facing the views, two of which convert to a single room for guests with children.

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Status: Built
Location: Montauk, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Principal-in-Charge: Robert Young
Project Team: Shea Murdock, AIA; Casey Feeney; Tom Ambler; Naoki Sheshimo
Structural Engineer: David Kufferman, P.E.
Landscape Architect: David Seeler
General Contractor: Meberg and Pederson Builders
Photography: Michael Moran ©.