Mork Ulnes Architects

Mork Ulnes Architects

San Francisco, CA | Oslo, NO


Meier Road 1

The project brief was straight forward; provide large flexible spaces that could be used to store farm equipment, workspaces, collectables and an art studio. Using the barn typology had an instant appeal in keeping with the adjacent barns.

The main challenge became to create an ideal art studio within the barn vernacular. Inverting the traditional gable barn roof solved this by gaining the needed height, and provided the studio with the indirect northern light conditions.

An expansion of the project is currently under construction and includes an amoeba-like structure to house a dining area with an interior jungle.

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Status: Built
Location: Sebastopol, CA, US
Additional Credits: Design Team:

Grygoriy Ladigin, Casper Mork-Ulnes, Andreas Tingulstad, Nick Damner. Mork Ulnes Architects/sfosl

Builder: NIck Damner


Bruce Damonte.