James Kelly

James Kelly

Uniondale, NY, US

Zhang Commercial Center
Zhang Commercial Center

Zhang Commercial Center: 15 December, 2010 to 12 March, 2012

Project Management Team size: 6 – Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager who worked when I am off island, 2 Engineers and a Procurement Officer.
Others: Including General Contractor, other specialized Engineers, Land Surveyor, and other Construction Workers.

• The ultimate responsibility was to manage the project from state to finish to the required quality, within the specified time and to or within the budget provided.
• Ensure that all construction work and procurement are executed in accordance with good Project Management and Construction Practices. 
• Make a minimum of three (3) site visits per week or on the request of the Owner and/or the Contractor as necessary.  However, I visited the site at least twice a day.
• Issue Interim Certificates on completion of the each stage of the project as provided in the Contractor’s Job Programme.
• Submit Owner’s Claims for drawdowns from the Bank Loan.
• Prepare Change/Variation Orders.
• Prepare Addenda.
• Provide Progress Reports to the Bank on completion of each stage of the project.  These reports will be copied to the Owner and the Contractor.
• Organise monthly site meetings or other meetings as see fit to ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed as to the status of the project and to rectify any problem that may have arisen during construction.
• Provide Earned Value Analysis Reports to all Stakeholders as part of the Progress Reports.

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Status: Built
Location: Port Zante, Basseterre, St. Kitts
My Role: Architect and Project Manager