James Kelly

James Kelly

Uniondale, NY, US

Saddlers Secondary School
Saddlers Secondary School

OECS Education Development Project: 9 September, 2002 to 30 December, 2009

Project Management Unit (PMU) Team size: 5 – Project Manager, Project Accountant, Project Procurement Officer, Project Officer and Accounts Clerk.
Components Chairpersons: 8 – Increasing Equitable Access to Secondary Education (1), Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning (6), and Improved Governance and Management in the Education System (1).
Others: Including Architects, Engineer, Consultants, Contractors, Quantity Surveyors and other Construction Workers for each Construction Section of the Project – no figure given as I will have to go back into the files and I am not presently in St. Kitts, I am in New York.

• The ultimate responsibility was to manage the Project Management Unit and the project from state to finish to the required quality, within the specified time and to or within the budget provided.
• Ensure that all construction work and procurement are executed in accordance with the World Bank Guidelines, good Project Management and Construction Practices. 
• Ensure that all components of the project are executed in accordance with the World Bank Guidelines.
• Make a minimum of three (3) site visits per week or on the request of the Government through the Permanent Secretary of Education and/or the Contractor/Consultant as necessary.
• Issue Interim Certificates on completion of the each stage of the project as provided in the Project Schedule or as specified in the Payment Schedule of each Component.  Scheduling was critical as most components were been done at the same time and as a result the appointment of Component Chairs to ably assist in the coordination of each Component.
• Provide the Project and Procurement Schedules to the World Bank for no objections.
• Provide Physical Progress Reports to the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis on the completion of each stage of the project.  These reports were be copied to all Stakeholders of the Project and were included in the FMRs.
• Provide Quarterly Financial Monitoring Reports (FMRs) to the World Bank.
• Organise monthly site meetings and/or other meetings as see fit to ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed as to the status of the project and to rectify any problem(s) that may have arisen during construction or activities.
• Provide Earned Value Analysis Reports as part of the Progress Reports for Construction.
• Prepare Change Orders and make Addenda as requested by either the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis or the World Bank.
• A member of the Evaluation team for the selection of Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Consultants via the Bidding and Tendering Processes.

Processes:  NB.  These processes were used for ALL of my Projects except that no objections were required for the other projects.
• The use of a Project Management Methodology.  This project gave me the perfect opportunity to use and test the Project Management Methodology that I developed as my Master’s Dissertation at Leeds Metropolitan University alongside the World Bank Guidelines for their Projects.  As a result, I seek no objection from the World Bank which I received.  The study of different Project Management Methodologies like Prince2 and CAPM gave me a good back ground to launch the testing of JEAKPMM an unpublished Master’s Dissertation.
• Delegation of key personnel and strong communication together with good work psychology and the use of good project management techniques provided the strength to the success of this project.

Projects undertaken under each Component:

• Increasing Equitable Access to Secondary Education:
o Construction of a New Secondary School at Saddlers Village
o Construction of New Cafeteria at Washington High School and Verchilds High School
o Rehabilitation Works for Cafeteria at Basseterre High School, Cayon High School, Sandy Point High School and St. Theresa’s Covent School
o Procurement of Cafeteria Equipment and Furniture

• Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning:
o Development of Curriculum for Forms I to III
o Teacher Training
o Development of a Co-ordinated Teacher Appraisal System
o Fellowships
o Training of eight (8) Librarians
o Training of eight (8) Information Technology Specialists
o Expansion and upgrading of selected learning spaces namely, Science Labs, IT Labs and Learning Resource Centers in seven (7) Schools – Washington Archibald High, Basseterre High, Cayon High, Sandy Point High, Verchilds High, Charlestown Secondary and Gingerland Secondary
o Construction of a Biology Lab at Basseterre High School
o Elaboration of Programme to Support Participation of Disadvantaged Students and related Teacher Development in Special Education
o School-Based Improvement Projects (SIPs) and Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs)
o Procurement of Equipment and Furniture

• Improved Governance and Management in the Education System
• Establishment of an efficient Project Management Unit
o Procurement of Office Equipment, Furniture and Supplies.
This Project was indeed a good experience for me and the lessons learnt were definitely used in the other projects.

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Status: Built
Location: Various Locations in St. Kitts and Nevis
My Role: Project Manager