Miles Kozatch

Miles Kozatch

New York, NY, US


Stack Edit - Design/Build - 1st Place Award


1st Place Design/Build Competition Rethinking the Traditional Sukkah

Stack Edit is a plywood pavilion designed to be built, taken apart, and continuously rebuilt. Fabricated from a simple kit of parts and requiring as few materials as possible, the structure was the winning entry for a Sukkah competition for Tulane’s Chabad Society.

A Sukkah is a temporary shelter built near a place of worship, covered in natural materials and used especially for meals during the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We observed the strict requirements for a traditional sukkah, and reinterpreted the structure as a volume created from rotated and inter-locking planes that enclose an intimate space. The planes can be taken apart in the reverse order that they are put together, and are fastened with just four screw connections.

22 pieces of 4’x8’ plywood and less than one box of screws. Part of a winning design/build team.

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Status: Built
Location: New Orleans, LA
My Role: Design/Build Team
Additional Credits: Design/Build Team: Will Nemitoff, Miles Kozatch, Laura Robin, John Coyle, Chris Dunn
Project Manager: Will Nemitoff
Client: Tulane Chabad Society