Michelle SABIN

Michelle SABIN

Bantam, Connecticut



This Colonial home on the Connecticut shore was renovated and decorated by Marks and Frantz, Hellow Studio Architects, and Davenport Contracting. Every room was remade to keep with the traditional architecture of the house, with a twist. The classic details of the home were enhanced, while the eclectic array of new and vintage furniture, lighting, and finishes makes for modern interesting spaces. As part of the Interior Design team, I drafted furniture plans, interior elevations, custom furniture, created mood boards, renderings of room concepts / designs, and window treatment worksheets. I supported the lead designer in all aspects of the project, from initial concept, to order placement, to installation. 

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Status: Built
Location: Old Greenwich, CT, US
My Role: Supporting Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Marks & Frantz
Hellow Studio
Davenport Contracting