Michelle Tsai

Michelle Tsai

Los Angeles, CA, US


Heart Park

I raised my building up from the ground because I want to use the space underneath the building as a communal park of Silverlake. Silverlake lacks green space for people to use because of its high density. Looking at the solar and wind directions, I pulled the North facing side up and pushed down on the south facing side of the building to allow maximum sunlight and natural ventilation through the building. Egress of the building is through vertical and horizontal circulation. The vertical circulation is through stairs and elevators , and the horizontal circulation is the single loaded corridor. The radiant colors of the exterior facade reflect the young and active community of Silverlake, and I also bring colors into an interior space as an architectural element. The etched and transparent glass-shingles of the interior facade bring privacy to the residents while creating a calm atmosphere for the people in the park.

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Status: School Project