Michelle Tsai

Michelle Tsai

Los Angeles, CA, US


Expo Station Bridge

In order to direct commuters to their destinations quickly, a main circulation is needed from the platform to either the rose garden or USC side. Once the direct circulation to exit the platform is clear, the main corridor acts as the service space. The main corridor also acts as the main location for the building’s mechanical system. The mechanical system would run through the main corridor to serve the served space. The spaces on the left and right side of the main corridor act as served space. The primary structure is the columns that connect to the oor slabs. The secondary structure is the space truss system that wraps around the program space. The tertiary structure is the ETFE skin that encloses the space truss and protects the program spaces from weather and exterior space. The ETFE skin also creates an insulation gap to reduce heat gain in the building. The form is a respond to the program space and the surrounding context. The space truss system is to create an opportunity not only for sustainability reason, but also for entertainment/iconic reason.

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Status: School Project