Michael Wong

Michael Wong

New York, NY, US


Bering Strait Competition

This is an independent competition entry that was submitted with Samira Yaghmai, former coworker and friend. The brief is to create a point of connection or a hub between two continents that is underground bullet train which will connect Alaska to Russia underneath the sea at the Bering Strait at the two Diomedes Islands. The International Date Line runs through an artificial island which presents itself as a balance between commerce and the raw natural beauty of the new site. Users will occupy parts of the hotel, restaurant, museum, outdoor park reserve and transit hub in areas known as yesterday and tomorrow due to the phenomenon of location and time. The circular formations of these programatic 'rings' emanating from a center reinforce the idea of looking outward to the vastness of the site and looking inward in a way which bifurcates what is 'primordial' and what is man made.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Bering Strait, USA and Russia
My Role: Project Partner
Additional Credits: In collaboration with Samira Yaghmai.