Michael Caton

Michael Caton

Brooklyn, NY, US



Unite/Unire is an installation centered on the intimate interaction between body and surface. The installation is composed of 16 bench profile modules designed to engage the body at three levels; Level 1: the self, level 2: movement and level 3: the other. The modules are connected via transitional zones creating a sinuous landscape with an emerging canopy equipped with a misting system.

Unite/Unire is the winner of the MAXXI Young Architects Program 2012 and was completed with Urban Movement Design New York.

Courtesy of MAXXI Museum, Urban Movement Design, photo by Cecilia Fiorenza

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Status: Built
Location: Rome, IT
My Role: As a member of the design team for Unite/Unire my primary responsibilities include design development, 3D modeling, diagramming, rendering and digital fabrication strategy development.
Additional Credits: Design team: Robyne Kassen, Sarah Gluck, Simone Zbudil Bonatti, Eduardo Marques, Annah Kassen, Michael Caton