Michael Caton

Michael Caton

Brooklyn, NY, US


Karle - Responsive Envelopes

The Karle SEZ facade project based in Bangalore, India is an environmentally responsive facade system for an office development. The scope of the project was limited to the buildings facades with the goal of developing the building’s mechanical performance and architectural quality. The conceptual foundation of the project was the development of a 3 dimensional self shading envelope that would contribute tectonically and performatively to the architecture.

As a process solar radiation analysis is paired with parametric tools to develop a system that mitigates the solar heating loads on the building. Through a series of feedback loops we developed an envelope that was charged with a substantial degree of performative value and efficiency. Throughout the facade system there are 4 unique panel corresponding to varying levels of acceptable solar radiation organized by exposure intensity.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Karle, Bangalore, India
My Role: As project designer my primary responsibilities included concept & schematic development, environmental performance analysis with Ecotect, parametric integration of performance analysis tools, design research, 3D modeling, rendering, diagramming.
Additional Credits: Varun Kohli