Michael Bellefeuille

Michael Bellefeuille

Boston, MA, US


Tufts Library

This conceptual design of a new main library for a town in metro-Boston was completed for entry into a state grant program. The design is driven by the site constraints and program. The result is comprised formally of primary two bars, each parallel to the adjacent streets, as well as a lower portion fronting an amphitheater and park in the rear. The angles of the lower portion are derived from the angles of the two primary bars, skewed to face the amphitheater and provide the required sight lines on the interior. Important building elements and interior spaces are expressed on the exterior by extrusion from and recesses into the primary massing. These moments are further accented by red rainscreen panels, offsetting the more neutral primary paneling.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Weymouth, MA, US
My Role: Architectural Designer
Additional Credits: J. Stewart Roberts, Principal-in-Charge, Johnson Roberts Associates, Inc.
Patrick Serr, Renderings, Johnson Roberts Associates, Inc.