Mark Hartenstein

Mark Hartenstein

New Providence, NJ, US


Materials Research: Let There Be Light

This materials research study was a corollary to the public library project.  Its purpose was to investigate alternative scenarios for creating an interactive system to back-light the books of a six-story book wall rising through the floors and towering over the atrium.

The objective was to give the book wall a luminescent quality, especially as daylight waned or failed to light the space well on a cloudy or rainy day.  An additional objective was to find a multi-color option so that the visual organization of the wall was clear to the users.  Ideally, it would be a flexible system that could adapt to literary category relocations, as well as adapt with possibly changing functional use of the building.

In the end, a section drawing shows how the chosen system is integrated into the structure of the book wall so that it may be accessed easily in order to maximize its flexibility.

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US