Mark Hartenstein

Mark Hartenstein

New Providence, NJ, US


Kites: A Spinal Perspective

My Digital Representations project is an investigation of the different spinal approaches of the box and delta kites.  The box kite's spine runs through its center of mass, in directly holding its exterior structure together.  Conversely, the spin in the delta kite acts like the stem of a leaf, the integral member from which all else projects.

Seeing these two approaches, my kite seeks to create a hybrid of these two philosophies.  However, it is done in such a way that it can be modulated in the organizational structure of a tetrahedral kite.  The advantages of each spinal approach are leveraged in purposeful ways in order to ultimately create flight.

The final iteration is the composition of three sub-components made in a physical model and Rhino model:

  • Ribcage (styrene tubes with floral wire run through)
  • Spines (piano wire)
  • Skin (kite material)

These three components work together to achieve air delivery, flexibility, and structural support.

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Status: School Project