Merriman Anderson/Architects

Merriman Anderson/Architects

Dallas, TX


Quarry Chapel

Quiet and Reverent. 


Perched along a Texas hillside, the intimate and reverent Chapel protects and respects its place in humble form.  Quarry cut limestone blocks provide foundation and enclosure with a delicate steel frame baring on the stone and supporting the roof above. Twelve foot cantilevers reach out through the walls finishing in a thin edge floating above the framed stained glass.  A bell tower signals the arrival court with its grass and stone pavers, and a water collection font bestowing sound and reflection.  Framing the entry court on its east edge are restrooms and a bridal dressing room. Passing through the narrow protected portal, the chapel space opens vertically framing the views beyond. The simplicity of the form, its materials, color and details grow from the hillside and embrace the ethereal views and natural beauty they command.


Sustainable materials fill the chapel while sustainable systems operate quietly in the floor plenum space created between the earth and foundation. Veiled natural light fills the space during the day while solar collectors provide the energy for softly lighting the space at night.  Rain water collection irrigates the surrounding landscape and supports the water to the facilities. 



San Antonio, Texas


Merriman Associates / Architects


Milton Anderson, John Carruth, David Sandoval, Ryan Schutt

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: San Antonio, TX, US