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Boston, MA


Vicki Lee's Cafe and Bakery

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Vicki Lee's Cafe and Bakery uses product display as the primary space zoning mechanism. Linear display cases and counters wrap around the side wall of the oddly-shaped space, dividing the rear bakery from the café storefront. A polycarbonate-sheathed wall behind the display area provides privacy for bakery operations while allowing borrowed light to penetrate deep into the workspace. 

A single material unifies the design, while components are demarcated through subtle variations in finish. This unifying material is oriented strand board (OSB) – a simple and inexpensive material typically used as underlayment rather than finish material. OSB is used in several different ways to code design elements. Walls and ceilings receive a natural clear coat, floors are whitewashed, and product displays are set behind sanded polycarbonate. The three systems work together to create a layered but unified space.

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Status: Built
Location: Belmont, MA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Structural Engineer: Evan Hankin, PE
General Contractor: Rick Testa