Matteo Centi

Matteo Centi

Roma, IT



The layout of the park linear, structured on a path of about 130 meters by 10 meters, which are brought together three small areas characterized by well-defined geometries. The project idea so structured, facilitated the reduction of the cost of the work, a different choice with a curvilinear path for example, would bring complex technical choices resulting in increased costs.

The surface of the object of intervention is a public park equipped with the function of urban territorial connection between residential areas, school facilities, sports facilities, the stadium. The park is in training so to provide another service equipment of the community 'with a social function, leisure or meeting as well as', and ecological environment. The public park will have 'plantings within the edge of the path as well as a relaxation area with a tree in the middle of "False Pepe".

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Taranto, IT
My Role: chief architect