Matteo Centi

Matteo Centi

Roma, IT


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The project was financed by funds provided for the "Accommodation of the intersection of the roads of Via G. Matteotti and Via Roma. " A project that is intended to improve the urban environment and a new function of public spaces.
The analysis of the urban context includes a fountain and a seating system. Intervention also landscaped, designed to combine enhancement of the natural environment with the needs of an area of ​​enjoyment and enjoyment available to the inhabitants.

The redevelopment also does not rule out a re-evaluation of the context as well as adjacent property, so all activities on the ground floor will enjoy the positive influence of the project.
The subject area of ​​intervention is a public square, a connection point between Via Roma, which is a way of connecting local and via G. Matteotti, the main axis of municipal services, the public park, and tertiary schools. Comes so naturally to include in the new project area, an architectural element that is also the stage that is able to close the main axis that connects the Collegiate Church in Via Roma.
Not surprisingly, the design choice evidence just like the fountain height of 1.70 m can become a representative element of this country, for those passing through Carpineto.
The fountain keeps the height dimension human precisely to ensure that this water game may become both an element of cooling climate, is a game environment, for example in summer you can refresh approaching, or a play element for children.

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Status: Built
Location: Carpineto Romano, IT
My Role: chief architect
Additional Credits: Comune di Carpineto Romano