Matteo Centi

Matteo Centi

Roma, IT


Programma “Porti & Stazioni” - Progetto Integrato per la Riqualificazione Urbana dell'area Stazione Marittima – S. Cecilia.

The area for which the intervention affects a large portion of the city of Messina, which - despite its direct relationship with the coastline and the sea - still remains unresolved. The presence, in fact, the large beam infrastructural represented by the railway grounds between the Stazione Marittima
and Gazzi Avenue has always been a barrier to the achievement of the southern part of the city
in front of the sea by configuring it as a large area of ​​the margin.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Messina, IT
My Role: 3D modelling, photoshop
Additional Credits: Seste Engineering, RicciSpaini.