Matt Bowman

Matt Bowman

Philadelphia, PA, US


The House in the Museum Garden

Import CAD information into a digital modeling software and extrude the building envelope.  Continue to source building information from the Breuer digital archive such that you are able to produce a comprehensive digital model at full or 1:1 scale. Group and organize various model information into distinct layers. Orient the model as a praline / axonometric.  Begin to unpack/explode the axonometric in ways that demonstrate part to whole relationships, important aspects of the building, material/texture components, etc.

Utilize our Make2d protocol to export drawings from the modeling software.

Import this information into a post-processing software (Adobe Illustrator) and manipulate line weight, line type, hatching, etc - to differentiate and prioritize building information. Utilize a secondary post-processing software (Adobe Photoshop) to render up to 2 primary surfaces and also implement generic building shadows when appropriate. Reference drawing conventions and orchestrate various graphic and written information into a thoughtful composition.

Isolate moments within the architecture that utilize material texture toward some sort of effect. Refine your digital modeling with additional image and displacement mapping techniques in correspondence with your analysis.

Demonstrate this awareness through strategic callouts, enlargements, construction details - all of which utilize bump mapping/image mapping techniques.

Developed with: AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Rhino 6

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US