Marco Visconti

Marco Visconti

Turin, IT



From an architectural point of view, the structure overall consists of consecutive linear spaces, linked piece by piece to the green areas and to the adjacent urban roadway. The complex is laid out on three levels. The first is underground, and linked to the factory via an internal courtyard containing a workshop, the technical rooms and storerooms; the second, placed slightly above ground-level has theory and practical lecture rooms for the Training Centre; and the third houses the offices .The double-height volumes that contain the Training Center are situated along the curved side of the building, and, when seen from the street, appear as a unified linear system protected by a wide portico. The roof of the building is light and unifying, supported by reticulated beams which constitute the external portico that also protects the pedestrian link between the Training Center and the car park on the eastern side.

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Status: Built
Location: Torino, IT
My Role: Architect